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GEM 2021

8.000 Ft

Type od wine: Sweet, white
Grape Variety:  Olaszrizling 100%
Alcohol: 10,5% vol
Terroir: Somló
Szüret: Hand harvested
Gentle pressing, quick processing, spontaneous fermentation in barrels and then stopping the fermentation with cooling. 70 g/l granulated sugar and 7 g/l total acid
Level: Premium
Temperature: 11-12 °C



The Welshriesling from Somló was harvested at September 23. We picked very small Riesling with golden grains. I spontaneously fermented it in two 225L Hungarian oak barrels, and after tasting the fermented wine before Christmas (after 2 nights of thinking) I stopped the fermentation by cooling it. The first sweet wine of my life. The scent is dominated by spices, peaches and honey, not overpowering or cloying. Salty and sweet, light and elegant. I think it is unrepeatable. Filled in 0.5L bottles.
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Additional information

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