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Wine & Vinyl – Hungary’s first crowd funded wine and music project

Csetvei RAW/ka wine and Nesta LP record special edition

A beautiful love story, dreams that have come true, amazing natural wines, many unforgettable events with music – this is Csetvei Cellar in the small and undiscovered Mór wine region. And now a love project: the flagship Sunmoonstar (Napholdcsillag) white blend first vinified in the most natural way, paired with a vinyl with the greatest music of Nesta. At this moment 30 packs of the 100 numbered copies are still available!

 The story of Kriszti, Nesta and the Garden

  1. There was a girl from the big city, who is dreaming of a barrel of wine of her own. She was not a winemaker, did not have a vineyard or cellar either. But she couldn’t help dreaming and took the courage to start from scratch. She made her first wine and named it after her favourite things: Sunmoonstar (Napholdcsillag). She did not stop. She learned, she worked hard, she fought even with herself. A year after – with some help from her family – she founded Csetvei Cellar in the small Mór wine region. 
  1. There was a boy from the big city, some of us might have heard him on the radio, or the luckier ones could listen to him live as DJ – a whole generation grew up on his music. His life was always about music. Songs, soul healing, heartwarming music that made us happier. He was always glad to share his thoughts and his colourful inner world with the ones who were open to it – even if he did so in his own, harsh manner, or on other occasions in a way that touched our heart. His honesty, his straightforward character caught the winemaker girl’s attention. Their path joined, their dreams became mutual dreams, and though many times they could embrace each other only from the distance, their fate has been tied together.
  1. A wonderful daughter was born, and just a few weeks after her birth, their enthusiastic little team laid down the foundation of Sunmoonstar Garden (Napholdcsillag Kert). This is the vineyard, which gives the three grapes of Sunmoonstar (Napholdcsillag) wine: Chardonnay, Pinot Gris and Ezerjó. The encounter of two international and one indigenous grape variety – keeping the character of all the grapes. The importance of local values coloured with the cultures of the world. The girl and the boy grew and developed with their little daughter, they thought together and took care of their garden together. They cultivated the garden in organic way and learned something new every year from the ever-changing nature.
  1. So far from city dwellers they have become country folks. Hard working people getting up and going to bed with the sun, who appreciate the value of manual work. They watch the sunset from Vénhegy (Old hill) with teardrops in their eyes and they admire the beauty surrounding them. Culture, family, moderation, creating worthy experiences – these are the values for them. The little things could grow great in them, and their dreams have tied together even tighter. Where wine and vynil meets, something amazing is born.

RAW/ka Sunmoonstar – wine & vinyl love project

This will be the first crowd funded LP record inspired by a natural wine. RAW/ka (a pun, when pronounced it is ‘róka’, fox in Hungarian, which might refer to the colour of the wine, and ‘raw’ refers to the natural way of its creation) is paired with colourful music. A selection of songs created by Frigyes Machán-Csetvei, aka Nesta. The process of creation was something heartwarming from the inspiration to the completion itself. It was also touchy to hear and read the supportive reaction of the small foreign publishing companies regarding the joint vinyl and wine love project. We tasted the wine together and we have high hopes about it.

2×20 minutes – Nesta about the most wonderful thing

The whole thing began with two tapes and a Videoton radio with tape recorder (a Hungarian brand, basically the only one available in those times).  My parents bought that “socialist industrial artwork” in instalments, I guess because with that my father could listen to his favourite sport programme. They had no idea what they had been doing.

It was roughly 22 years ago when I made my first music selection, it was on EST MF (it does not exist anymore). Later it was published on CD, that was the format in those times. Many radio programs followed, like Forintos Percek, Millók Reggelire. M last music selection was born at the end of the CD era, it was with PORT FM, and I thought that those times were over.

Streaming has arrived in our brave new digital world, and we expected the physical music tools to check out. And then, just like in a Hollywood movie, the last hero with his last breath gave new hope to humankind. It was the black record, the vinyl – a favourite of the hipsters in the darkness of some shabby, hidden bars of the cities.

Of course, when I listen to music at home, it is the LP record that gives the most pleasure. The scratchy noise of the used LPs, the excitement of opening a new one, the endless beauty of the covers – they took me. My wife can tell a lot about my obsession – whenever I have the chance, I take her to a record shop, I can escape back to a shop for a rare vinyl even if our flight / boat /whatever is about to leave very soon. Because records are important to me. They make me happy.

If this vinyl of selected music will come true, it will be the peak of my career. There is no higher from me there. Is there anything better than sipping a glass of natural wine, listening to the songs of a black LP record and pondering about the questions of life? No, there isn’t.

Well, but what music will be pressed on that vinyl? It will remain secret for a while, but trust me…

The wine pairing of the vinyl belongs to the RAW/ka range for the first time! Kriszti Csetvei about the wine

  • RAW/ka wines are unfined, unfiltered and bottled without added sulphur.
  • The fruit for the wine comes from our organic vineyard (we are after 3 years of certified organic cultivation, yet we still have a lot to learn).
  • This magic vineyard is Sunmoonstar (Napholdcsillag) garden with vines planted in 2016/17. ☀️ [Sun] is the Chardonnay, the 🌝 [Moon] is the Pinot Gris and the 💫 [Star] is the indigenous Ezerjó grape.
  • The proportion of the varieties were decided by nature – for the first it was not me, who did the blending. Originally, we blended 500 vines of each of the three grapes, but the plants are not equal, some of them gives more fruit – and some of them had to be replaced because of the deer…
  • My duty is only to preserve the quality and to take care of the wine in the cellar.

Wine and vinyl – only 100 copies

Only 100 numbered pack of RAW/ka Sunmoonstar (Napholdcsillag) wine and vinyl will be available. If this number is too big or too small – we have no idea, nor does it count. It is our dream, if you like it, we will make it, and we would love you to love it and be happy with us.

The graphic design of the vinyl and the wine label has been created by Dóra Csavajda graphic designer. We hope you will like it as we do!

PRE-SALE: RAW/ka Sunmoonstar (Napholdcsillag) wine and vinyl

  • Pre-sale price of the limited pack of wine and vinyl: 24 130 HUF / 62 EUR – in case of purchasing personally (in Mór)
  • For shipment, contact the team. 

In case the project will not come true, the payments will be fully refunded by 31 August 2024. 


– Ageing of the wine: approximately 5 months

– Manufacturing process of the vinyl: approximately 2 months

– Pre-sale: until 30 April on

– Bottling of Raw/ka Sunmoonstar (Napholdcsillag): until 15 May

– Licences, labelling: approximately 1.5 months

– RAW/ka wine and vinyl handling over celebration: July 2024 (in case of selling 75 copies in advance)


Krisztina Csetvei and Frigyes Machán-Csetvei (Nesta)