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Save the date: Ezerjó Grand Tasting in a Castle on 22 June


We started celebrated Ezerjó Day (16 May) three years ago, and now the producers of Ezerjó in Mór have come up something new again: the first edition of Százszorszép Ezerjó Est will be held on 22 June in the gorgeous Castle of Bodajk. The elegant venue gives this rare grape variety the prestige it deserves.

“I see Ezerjó as one of the most exciting Hungarian grape varieties, with great potential to make distinctive, intense yet refreshing wines in a very contemporary style.”
Wojciech Bonkowski MW, Poland


A little language lesson: Százszorszép Ezerjó Est

We are aware of the fact that our weird language is an enigma to every foreigner, thus the name of the event needs some explanation. ‘Ezerjó’ is a white grape grown only in a few regions, mainly in Mór wine region, and the name means ‘Thousand Good’ literally. ‘Est’ means ‘Evening’, since the event takes place in the evening (from 5 pm), it is the easy part. Then we have a lovely, long word ‘Százszorszép’, which literally means ‘Hundred times beautiful’. Now, you can do the maths…:)

Ezerjó Grand Tasting (I. Százszorszép Ezerjó Es

Date and time: 22 June 2024, 17.00–22.00

Venue: Castle of Bodajk, near the city of Székesfehérvár

The castle is an hour’s drive from Budapest, 1.5 hours by train (change in Székesfehérvár).

Accommodation tip: The Castle of Bodajk is only 12 minutes by car from the town of Mór, so it might make sense to spend the night in Mór, and take a taxi to and from the event. Therefore, the next day (on Sunday) we can visit wine cellars in Mór.

Exhibitors: Brigád, Csetvei, Frey, Galambos, Holló, Lincz, Miklóscsabi, Spontán cellars and Végh-Tomcsik Family Estate.

– 17.00–22.00: walk around tasting

– 18.00: Ezerjó masterclass by Zoltán Győrffy wine expert

– 18.00, 19.00 and 20.00: guide tour in the hunting museum of the castle

– Ezerjó Wine Dinner with exclusive guide tour in the hunting museum of the castle

Tickets: 3 types of tickets are available

– Walk around tasting ticket: 10 900 HUF

– Walk around tasting ticket + guided tour in the hunting exhibition: 14 500 HUF

– Tasting + guided tour + wine dinner: 24 500 HUF

Tickets are available on Országos Bortúra App (only in Hungarian).

If you can’t manage, ask help here.